Dog Sunglasses: Lookin’ Too Cool For School

Whether you are trying to protect your dog’s eyes or simply help her look a bit cooler at the dog park, most dog owners should have a pair of sunglasses for their dog – even if you only use them occasionally.


Why Does My Dog Need Sunglasses?

Sunglasses provide a few important functions for dogs, but most boil down to keeping their eyes safe and comfortable.

For example, sunglasses (or any other type of high-quality eyewear) protect your dog’s eyes from dust, debris or any  other tangible items that may harm her eyes. These kinds of things aren’t normally a threat during a casual walk at the park, but they can become much more of an issue in specific circumstances.

For example, it makes good sense to protect your dog’s eyes while participating in any of the following activities:

Whenever your dog is riding on a motorcycle, in the back of a truck or in a car while hanging his head out the window. Note that some of these activities may not be particularly safe in themselves, but if you are going to let your dog partake in them, at least protect her eyes.

While running with your dog alongside busy roads or polluted areas. Not only does a lot of gravel, sand and debris get kicked up off the road by passing cars, but the gas fumes located in these areas can also be irritating to your dog’s eyes.

While walking, running or playing in high winds, which often pick up sand and grit. The dirt and grime can be blown into your dog’s eyes at high speed. This can cause scratches and other injuries to your dog’s eyes, and it is likely to be extremely irritating.

Whenever hanging out or playing in dusty or sandy areas – even if it isn’t windy right now. All it takes is one sudden gust of wind to levitate a bunch of beach sand or ball field dirt, which can then harm your dog’s eyes.

Whenever it is possible that dirty, bacteria-laden water may splash up into your dog’s eyes. I’m not talking about the dirty water at the local swimming pool – proper goggles are a better option in such cases; I’m talking about while your dog is running around through swampy or wet areas, such as often occur after strong storms.

When playing in tangled and overgrown forests. These types of areas are overflowing with sharp things at dog-eye height. Sunglasses aren’t designed to resist super-hard collisions, but most will help prevent a lot of potential injuries.

Whenever walking with older dogs who suffer from vision problems. Some sunglasses may – particularly those with polarized lenses – may help older dogs or those with some vision problems see better in bright light.

Sunglasses also protect your dog’s eyes from some of the light produced by the sun. This includes both dimming the bright visible light, to prevent your dog from having to squint, as well as some of the UV rays produced, which may harm the eyes of some dogs (scroll down to the end of the article to learn the basics of UV light if you need a refresher).

This is especially important when you and your dog visit locations with high light intensity. For example, the light intensity near beaches, deserts and snow-covered landscapes is often particularly strong. Very bright light can lead to temporary blindness, so be sure to err on the side of caution and fit your dog with sunglasses whenever traveling through such areas.

In some cases, canine sunglasses can also be a medical necessity. For example, some dogs suffer from eye problems that make them especially sensitive to bright and ultraviolet light. Dogs who have suffered an eye injury or infection may also need sunglasses to protect them from dirt and dust while they heal.

Of course, sunglasses are also quite hip, and they can immediately improve your dog’s style game. Humans care about this more than dogs, who will usually treat it as little more than an unusual novelty.

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